I wrote this little gem of a cringy poem in 1996 when my ex boyfriend tried to get back with me when I was already in a relationship with another dude. Sad thing is that when I broke with the dude I was dating, I did go back to my ex and it was terrible. It would be a pattern of relationship choices that would follow into adulthood.

Me with a friend circa 1996

Why did you show up at such a bad time?

A time when I’m with someone  who might be the one?

Who is to me all the things you could never be

It’s not that I want to hurt you

But it’s that I don’t feel anything for you

I might’ve loved you before

  but I don’t feel the same anymore

And although you might get pissed

  I need to say this

I don’t love you anymore

   So there’s the door

So please if you really love me so

  You would just let me go

For it’s too late

  For I’ve found another mate

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