I’m a 40 something mother of 3 boys who’s had an interesting and tumultuous life that’s made me the charming and complicated mess that I am. I’m married but only in the sense that there is a piece of paper that links me to my husband. That’s another blog post. Also, I have two jobs which really limits my time so I stay exhausted most of the time.

My talents include: journaling my heart out (I have anywhere from 1 to 3 to process my daily existential angst-why does life have to be so hard? UGH! ),singing out loud while power walking in my neighborhood, advocating hardcore for my boys, my friends and myself, being a supportive friend, eating tacos (well anything really), overthinking, having strong opinions, being Pam Beesly from The Office, being obsessed with something (currently it’s DBT) , and writing poetry, essays, and fiction. I would describe myself as a confessional poet.

I’m mediocre at: exercise (we’ve have an ongoing on and off love affair ), keeping my temper in check (that’s why I exercise or write), making good decisions, writing about me pages (haha), having healthy boundaries, staying awake past 10pm on some nights, being a dutiful daughter to my parents (that’s another blog post), being self aware.

I’m really bad at : relationships of the romantic kind (Idk most men find me hard to handle), tolerating racists and dumb people, and not being passive-aggressive when provoked

At this moment I’m on a journey of self love and having a love affair with myself and discovering how I can be the best version of myself.  I’ve put a lot of work in acknowledging and breaking certain patterns of behavior. I still have minor relapses but I’ve come a long way from where I have been in the past. I want to get to a point that I quit my self sabotaging behavior and embrace healthy coping mechanisms to deal with life and my intense emotions in the best way possible.

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