Poetry: My Pride and Joy

I wrote this poem in 2004 about my oldest son. Even though, I was 17 when I had him, I always tried to be the best mother for him. I worked to support him since I was 18, he was one of my biggest motivations for going to college, and even though I was extremely insecure as a young mom, I learned to advocate and fight for him to get the services and therapies he needed when he was diagnosed with autism.

me and my oldest in 2003

You’re a wonderful mistake

I never want to unmake

I was young and stupid

a kid having another kid

but with you I finally grew up

and learned the meaning of love

You are everything a mother could want

Such an admirable and fine son

you are my pride and joy

you will always be my little boy

And I will dread the day

When you have to go away

But I take relief in knowing

You’ll know how to spread your wings

And you will always remember

who you once were

A wonderful mistake

Your mom never wanted to unmake

Perhaps a creation of lust

but one who never lacked love

Poetry: The Horsefly Stands on Her Shrug

I wrote this in 2006 for my creative writing class.

The Writer Life

The horsefly stands on her shrug
Doesn’t notice, doesn’t care
Blankness spilled across her pleasant face

The horsefly stands on her shrug
Not even a crumble of emotion
In her still hands and feet

The horsefly stands on her shrug
No longer is there a distinction
Between her and the marble

The horsefly stands on her shrug
The sun slowly starts to simmer her
As her wires start to show