Poetry: Newfound Emptiness

I wrote this in November 2002 after a seeing my one of my exes. Chronic feelings of emptiness are one of the symptoms of BPD and in the past I’ve tried to escape it with alcohol or sex. I tried sex this time and it didn’t work.

You DO!

She wants to enjoy herself
as his once familiar hands and lips
explore her body
But she can’t

He kisses her breasts
and she feels nothing

His hands touch those special
turn -on places in her body
And her body remains cold and numb

Then she realizes this meaningless act
of intimacy she uses to satisfy
her body’s urges
is no longer enough

She now needs something more,
she is frightened but the newfound emptiness
Of it all
She realizes she need love

Poesía : Pequeñas Riquezas

Escribí este poema en Noviembre del 2002. Fue inspirado por muchas experiencias que había tenido en ser siempre “la chica divertida del momento” para los hombres y nunca la chica con la cual quieren compartir su vida.


Ellos quedan acostados en la cama
El la mira, ella tan dormida, tan quieta
Y el piensa en muchas cosas
Aquel acuerdo que hicieron
Cuando todo esto empezó
Las condiciones que el le pidio a ella
Que ella nunca podría enamorarse de el
Y lo único que ellos podrían tener
sería un juego de sexo y nada mas
Tan simple que todo esto empezó
Pero el nunca contó con enamorarse
de esta niña-ingenua, inconveniente,
e inocente de la vida
No contaba con extranar a esta niña
Caprichosa pero con una dulzura tierna
Y por fin
Nunca se imaginaba con este dia
que ahora no siente poder vivir sin ella
y sus pequeñas riquezas

Poesía : Falso

Escribi este poema en Mayo de 2002 acerca de mi enamorado Ron. Le habia sacada la vuelta y me sentia avergonzada y culpable. Queria terminar la relacion pero no encontraba las fuerzas hacerlo. Era una cobarde.

que triste

Yo no se que hago
Con este amor tan falso
Pasamos el tiempo juntos
Pero apenas nos aguantamos
Quiero irme ya
No quiero quedarme acá
En este sitio tan infeliz sin carino
O sentimientos
Lo unico que quedaria serán
Los remordimientos
Por eso me voy, mi amor
Para no causarte más dolor

Poetry: My Past

I wrote this in 2002 about Matt, my oldest son’s bio dad. I was about to see him and having a lot of feelings about it.

My past hangs over me

like a song that keeps 

repeating itself over and over again

The more I try to run away from it

The louder and closer it gets

I don’t want to do it

But I will have to face him someday

It is better sooner  than later

So I can start looking 

Forward to my future

Poetry: Inspiring

I wrote this in 2002 about John. John was this dude that I met in late 2002 at a bar. We danced and I fell into infatuation for him right away. He was a recent college graduate and so innocent. Maybe it was because he reminded of Andrew. Idk. What I do know is that this poem has some serious “Joe Goldberg” vibes. Lol.

right away

I know this may seem crazy
But the thought of you inspires me
And I know we just met
But this needs to be said
I already miss you
And want to learn everything about you
Starting with your last name
And are you like
me, love insane?

Poetry: Indifference

I wrote this in September of 2002 about Damon. I remember being annoyed with him and wanting to break up with him but Idk I kept procrastinating about it. It was one of those many times when I was afraid to be alone.

so true

I keep trying to figure out
what we are all about
We are suppose to be “in love”
but both of our hearts live
in a world of indifference
Let’s make this uncomplicated
And accept we’ll never be soul mates
and begin to follow our separate fates

Reflection: Scared of Love

I wrote this in August of 2002 reflecting on Andrew and Lucas. I thought that they were 2 of the greatest loves of my life. I obviously don’t feel that way anymore. I understand now that due to the circumstances out of my control, there was no way I could have had long term relationships with them.

It always be like that

I’m scared of love. Maybe I jeopardize and push away any opportunity of love knocking on my door. Or maybe it is truly bad luck. I don’t know anymore. I feel so numb and used at the same time. This love shit seems so pointless. I feel like I lost out on the greatest love of my life either 4 years ago or 2 months ago, perhaps. Maybe I shouldn’t have worried so much about the others and fought for the love I felt for Andrew and Lucas but I had no clue as to how they felt about me. To Andrew, I felt like a passing fad but damn I would’ve done anything for him. For Lucas, I still believe that I was an escape for him whom I also had a great friendship with. I shared everything I ever was with him. I shared my feelings, my thoughts, I even gave him my most vulnerable aspect, my heart. These two men will always and forever be in my heart, a place many had tried to reach but only two have succeeded.

Poetry: Lucas’Song

I wrote this in December of 2002 when I was feeling nostalgic about Lucas. I was pretty obsessed with him. I have this saying, “just because someone stops loving you doesn’t mean you automatically stop loving them.” Having BPD and being me means that when I get obsessed with someone, that “love” I feel doesn’t go away easily. It sucks but it is what it is.

heartbreak is hard to get over

I heard your song tonight
And my mind surrendered
To the memory of your baby face
and that achingly unique voice
It made me realize
How much I still miss you
and love you
It make me think
How lucky I had been
to have had you in my life
if even for a short whil

Poetry: You’re a Mess

I wrote this in 2002 about Damon. When we first started dating, things were great and then they weren’t. Right off the bat, he took me to meet his parents and daughter and he even met my son and my parents. However, we both had our issues and were probably not at a place to be in a relationship. Honestly, I was with Damon to escape loneliness even though we were incompatible and I think he was using me for the same reason. The sex was good and I grew to care about him but I never loved him. We would sometimes have these fights and ghost each other and then come back to each other. Maybe I was just too tired at the time to find someone I was more compatible with.

story of my life

I wish you were as simple as slow dance
but you’re a fucking mess
Like an upside down cup of coffee
And I don’t want to be part of your insanity
So I’ll tear myself apart from you
And perhaps clean up some of your mess
even if my heart will bleed
,even if the tears will fall

Poetry: Special Friend

I wrote this in June of 2002 about Lucas after I had slept with him for the last time. I’m pretty sure that this was after I had started dating Damon. I guess I was looking for love wherever I could get it.

it’s still hard tho

After making love to him
I lie awake in his arms
And the only thought
that crosses thru my mind
is that “I want to stay here
With you my love”

But even wishing something like that
Would be violated by our complicated lives
And maybe even regretful sacrifices

So I lie in bed in a life
that is anything but the truth
and wonder to myself

If to you,
I will ever be worth more
Than just your special friend

Poetry: Drunk

After breaking up with Ron while dealing with the whole Lucas drama, I was very impulsive and emotional. I wanted to escape from what I was feeling so I thought it would be a great idea to meet a new dude at a bar and hook up with him. His name was Damon and it would end up being yet another unstable relationship. This poem was written in June of 2002 right after meeting Damon.


Got drunk last night
and somehow ended up
Naked and vulnerable
in some guy’s bed
We know what happened next
I gave in to mine and his desires
Not sure why I did
But everything felt so damn good
I just couldn’t stop
Even though I knew that
that it was so wrong