Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes all over the place.


So, you’ve found yourself in my little corner of my often messy and complicated universe. Hi, I’m Eliza and I started this blog at the end of 2011 after something kind of terrible happened to my family. Since then I’ve used this blog as a way to share my poetry, updates about my life, or simply my thoughts about various topics. Honestly, this blog is all over the place-kind of like my moods-ha (I have BPD). I blog about almost anything and everything from motherhood to immigration to childhood memories to relationships and love and many other different topics. I honestly don’t keep up with posting on the blog as much as I need to cause well-life gets in the way. I also want to add that recently, I’ve received the life changing diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I call it life changing because I finally had an explanation as to why life has been kind of difficult for me with my ever changing mood swings and emotions. I also have been diagnosed with other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, specific situational phobia, and Bipolar 2. A lot of my recent posts in this blog will be examining how BPD and my other mental illnesses have been present in my life and how I’ve managed or not managed it. I hope that people find this blog helpful and/or entertaining or at least help them feel not so alone in navigating life when dealing with any overwhelming emotions or the chaos that can be life in general.

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Since I am a poet, I do want to share a link to another great poetry blog:

The Invisible Truth

Para la version en Espanol, haga clic en este enlace:

Pagina Principal

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