I wrote this poem in 2001 after a really horrible breakup with the second “S” who cheated on me with ex wife the entire time he was with me. Needless to say, I was super angry about this and being the 20 year old I was at that time included lots of cringy cliches in this poem. The upside to this that at least I didn’t go slash his tires. Lol.

me at age 20

I hate to whine

But I can’t get you out of my mind

It’s your lying, scoundrel face I see

and the pile of emptiness left in me

It’s the deep hurting pain

Why did you have to be so damn lame

I hate to whine 

but I was looking for a sign 

That you weren’t the old repetitive story

A hero who’s lost all his glory

That you were my true soul mate

Not someone who would fill me with hate

That you were the man of my dreams

Not the one who wears the crown of pathetic, loser king

I hate to whine 

But you literally wasted my time

I didn’t think you were this disgusting 2-face rat

Who was just full of a lot of crap

I didn’t think you were such a creep

And that I could feel heartache so deep

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