I wrote this poem in April of 2022.

sorry not sorry

My diagnosis doesn’t define me,
It empowers me, it makes sense of my nonsense
I’m not crazy or chaotic or even hard to love
I’m a dream come true wrapped up in complexity
sure at times I feel like a nightmare
But don’t all of us get rough at times
So whoever gets scared and runs away from me
Sorry not sorry, I’m too much
and you’re just not enough

3 thoughts on “Poetry: More than a Diagnosis

      1. My ex-wife had diagnoses of bipolar and borderline personality and was relieved to find that these both stemmed from high functioning autism ( she wasn’t mad, just wired differently). There’s a free online test that indicates whether one should seek formal diagnosis. Tests were designed for men and are less reliable for women.

        I like your face and I like your poetry and send

        fond wishes, Keith

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