This was my response to prompt #17: The best gift you could receive

me annoyed with everything…lol

God grant me serenity and peace
I hate it when I’m like this
everything annoys the fuck out of me
If I have to see another post about healing or trauma
or my inner child, I’m throwing my phone out the door
it’s not anything or anyone specifically
its these horrible mood swings
They transform me into a salty bitch
who sets fire to everything and everyone
with her pen and paper
at least now I channel my anger into poetry and prose
and no longer self implode
when will serenity and peace come to me permanently
and not just come to visit me temporarily?

3 thoughts on “December Poetry Challenge: Everything Annoys the Fuck Out of Me

  1. Ah, sages have asked and given us their opinions on that very question since our ancestors first took time to contemplate it. Please let us know if you find a more or less universal answer. I hope you find it…; -)

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