December Poetry Challenge: Christmas 2022

This was my response to prompt #20: Favorite winter traditions

nothing says Merry Christmas like these Debbie Cakes

There’s excitement buzzing around the Christmas tree this year
New couples will come up with new corny traditions
Toddlers and dogs will try their luck at tearing down the tree
Parents will try to sneak presents and give credit to that jolly old man
So many memories of love and togetherness are waiting to be made

December Poetry Challenge: Everything Annoys the Fuck Out of Me

This was my response to prompt #17: The best gift you could receive

me annoyed with everything…lol

God grant me serenity and peace
I hate it when I’m like this
everything annoys the fuck out of me
If I have to see another post about healing or trauma
or my inner child, I’m throwing my phone out the door
it’s not anything or anyone specifically
its these horrible mood swings
They transform me into a salty bitch
who sets fire to everything and everyone
with her pen and paper
at least now I channel my anger into poetry and prose
and no longer self implode
when will serenity and peace come to me permanently
and not just come to visit me temporarily?

December Poetry Challenge: Arrival

This is my response to prompt #11: A goal you reached

I know my fuck off 🤣🤣🤣

Getting rid off my self imposed chains of insecurity and doubt
I no longer give any fucks-I no longer hold back
I announce my arrival when I drive, when I make love, and when I blog
I’m liberated from the chaos I used to cause
and have accepted sometimes an attention whore or an introvert
and it’s okay to swing between both
as long as I honor my truth and know my worth

December Poetry Challenge: One Hour

This is my response to prompt #13: How You Procrastinate

they’re not wrong

One hour on social media and I feel guilty
for time wasted on such silly things
It was an hour that killed my productivity
an hour when I allowed my brain to wonder
to something other than my children or work
I could have been making content
or helping my son with his homework
and I chastise myself for wasting time
then self compassion steps in
and reminds me I’m human and it’s okay
to allow myself to escape my reality
in the superfluous things in life

December Poetry Challenge: Coffee, Music, and Books

This was my response to prompt #3: Three good things

I don’t know how I’d cope without these three things

Coffee, music, and books are what I need
to get through the dreariest of days
Coffee to wake me up from my somber mood
Music to feel every single feeling in my body
and maybe try to dance them all out
Books to calm down my most intrusive of thoughts
Coffee,music, and books are what I need
to make myself shiny again