I wrote this in 2002 about Damon. When we first started dating, things were great and then they weren’t. Right off the bat, he took me to meet his parents and daughter and he even met my son and my parents. However, we both had our issues and were probably not at a place to be in a relationship. Honestly, I was with Damon to escape loneliness even though we were incompatible and I think he was using me for the same reason. The sex was good and I grew to care about him but I never loved him. We would sometimes have these fights and ghost each other and then come back to each other. Maybe I was just too tired at the time to find someone I was more compatible with.

story of my life

I wish you were as simple as slow dance
but you’re a fucking mess
Like an upside down cup of coffee
And I don’t want to be part of your insanity
So I’ll tear myself apart from you
And perhaps clean up some of your mess
even if my heart will bleed
,even if the tears will fall

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