I wrote this in December of 1997 about my oldest son’s father. I guess the night I write about in this poem was probably the night my son was conceived.

This is another poem related to that situation:


me in 1997 before meeting my first baby daddy

7 O’clock came and you were there
To pick me up from from work
My feet hurt
So you carried me to the car
You drove me to your home
And took me to your room
Your friends were there
we waited until they left
you put on some music
And we danced
And as our bodies swayed to the music
Your hands played with my body like an instrument
you had learned on master on the first try
They knew how to touch all of the right places
That sent wild shivers throughout my whole body
Clothes started to become undone
And were on the floor in a matter of minutes
we danced with our heated bodies as they longed to become whole

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