In honor of Taylor Swift’s Birthday, I decided to share my favorite Taylor Swift songs! I didn’t become a Swiftie until last winter when Red (Taylor’s Version) came out. Maybe it was because it was such an emotional time for me but I cried when I watched the “All Too Well” video the first time and the second time when I made my three kids watch the video with me. My youngest son unwittingly knows the lyrics to “Anti-Hero” and “Karma” because some days, I blast Swift from Alexa and my record player. I don’t think you get the full Swiftie experience unless you listen to her on vinyl. Also, in November, I spontaneously found myself at a Taylor Swift Dance Party and it was beyond amazing. I’ve included a short clip of it at the bottom. Anyways, this playlist includes what I consider the best of her work and music that’s gotten me through some of my toughest times or has uplifted me in some way. I hope y’all enjoy it:

the day that Red(Taylor’s Version) came out

Blank Space
Begin Again
All Too Well (The 10 Minute Version)
My Tears Ricochet
Death By a Thousand Cuts
Vigilante Shit
Right Where You Left Me
Better Than Revenge
The Lakes
The 1
Long Story Short
The Way I Loved You
This Love
Call It What You Want
Champagne Problems
I Bet You Think About Me
Midnight Rain
Back to December
Mad Woman
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Below is a link to my Taylor Swift spotify playlist for your listening pleasure:

Below is a short video I made of the Taylor Swift Party I went to in November, it was so much fun! I love how I’m just exuding happiness and joy in this video, it’s a complete turnaround from who I was last year:

I never said I was a singer but I was tipsy and having the time of my life…lol

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