I wrote this in September of 2002 about Damon. I remember being annoyed with him and wanting to break up with him but Idk I kept procrastinating about it. It was one of those many times when I was afraid to be alone.

so true

I keep trying to figure out
what we are all about
We are suppose to be “in love”
but both of our hearts live
in a world of indifference
Let’s make this uncomplicated
And accept we’ll never be soul mates
and begin to follow our separate fates

5 thoughts on “Poetry: Indifference

  1. Not wanting to be alone is a real struggle. I understand why you held onto a relationship that had red flags. But it looks like you stood up for yourself and are going to be moving on to better relationships.

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    1. I did move on to better relationships but kept on repeating the same unhealthy patterns. I’m on a dating hiatus for now and am giving myself a year of understanding and learning how to not continue the same unhealthy patterns and cycles.


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