I wrote this in June of 2002 about my breakup with Ron. To this day, it hurts me that I caused him so much pain. I really hope he’s out there living his best life and he found the love of his life. I don’t judged the person I was when I broke up with Ron and 20 years later, I have loads of empathy for him. I can understand exactly why he reacted the way he did.

oh this left a definite scar

What can I do?
To burn away the pain
I’ve inflicted on you
I could say the famous
“I’m sorry” or
“It was never my intention to hurt you”
And these words would be true
but it wouldn’t be enough
to tear you away from the hurt
and pain I have caused
So I do what comes naturally to me
And walk away from your life
So you can start forgetting
the memory of me

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