I wrote this poem in May of 2022.

for real

I wonder where all of my money goes
but then I go home to the bottomless pits
that are my kids
and then I go upstairs to my bedroom
where my closet is exploding with clothes
and then I look under bed full of shoes
and then I go downstairs to my record player
and looks at my various vinyls
and we won’t even talk about my newly
acquired furniture from Amazon
now I understand
my money goes to my busy life
and my BPD spending impulsivity

5 thoughts on “Poetry: Where is my Dinero?

  1. All the ‘things’ money can buy may bring us some temporary ‘happieness’ (temporary pleasure really), but true happiness comes from within, and can sustain us even without the ‘things’ that money can buy for our ‘pleasure’, IMHO…; -)


    1. Idk…being low income for years messed up my mental health. Having more income meant therapy to find a way to eventually thrive and not just survive. I think the traveling I did this past year brought a new level of healing which wouldn’t have been possible without the income from my second. IMHO ..

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      1. No one is saying that an ‘adiquate income’ is bad, only that the love of money and all the toys it can buy can become problematic, an
        ‘addiction’ like any other… I’m truly pleased that your travel has been a healing experience for you. Keep up your good work…; -)

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