So for the month of December, I decided to combine two of my favorite things which are journal prompts and poetry. I found these December Journal Prompts somewhere on pinterest and decided to write a poem every day in response to them. It’s going to be a challenge for sure considering I’m still posting new content every day. It’s going to be interesting what I come up with, it might get emotional and crazy-but hey that’s my brand-lol. I wanted to share the prompts as well as well as a link to the blog they’re from.

Wish me the best of luck

December Journal Prompts:

1.Your favorite part of the day
2.What needs to happen this month
3.How are you working towards your goals
4.Three good things
5.Something you know a lot about
6.An important person in your life
7.Your favorite recipe
8.An event that turned out differently than planned
9.The best way to spend a cold evening
10.One thing you could not give up
11.A goal you reached
12.Something to celebrate
13.How you procrastinate
14.What did you think you’d be when you grew up
15.The best type of surprise
16.Your favorite household chore
17.The best gift you could receive
18.Music that helps you relax
19.One thing you’d like to see
20.Favorite winter traditions
21.Advice you’d give to someone else your age
22.Something all people should know
23.What’s you’d really like to do tomorrow
24.Your top priority
25.A thing your life has in excess
26.How has your life changed since last year
27.A book you want to read
28.The person you’re always happy to see
29.One thing to do
30.The time of day you prefer
31. A word to describe your past year

Below is a link to the blog “Life of Lovely” from where the prompts came from:

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