I wrote this in late 2002. It was about a coworker I was crushing on. I think this was the coworker that I left a love note for under his windshield wiper. Yeah, that was one of my cringiest/most Joe Goldberg like moment. Haha.

sometimes it be like that

I got the short end of the stick
When you were the one my heart picked
For I know how you feel
You and me could never be real
What you don’t know is that
Even though I’m not a doormat
I would do almost anything for you
Even if it meant dying for you
You probably don’t even notice
How much I long for just one kiss

It would send me into a universe of happiness
Too bad you don’t think I’m the best
You may not know me
But you’ve already judged me
It’s so hard to discard of the notion
That we’ll never share a love emotion
You’ll be my discarded crush
The one I will forever lust

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