I wrote this in 1997 about my ex James. He was awful. He was a couple of years older than me and always tried to pressure me to go further than I wanted to. In September of that year, I succumb to that pressure and I was awful. I hope he got better at sex after that. LMAO. Anyways, he ghosted me after that and I got angry right after I went on a few sexy adventures with men I would meet from AOL Chatrooms. Of course, one this men ended up being my oldest son’s dad (but that’s another blog post)

me in 1997 when this poem was written

Oh Jimmy Boy, Jimmy Boy
Why do act like such a little boy
By being such a little fucker
And making a girl feel like a sucker
By thinking only of yourself
And not giving a damn about anyone else

Oh Jimmy Boy, Jimmy Boy
To you, girls are just toys
By thinking you’re a big stud
And making a girl feel worse than mud
By playing that stupid game
And acting so damn lame

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