So it’s official, we are now residents of Gainesville and have left Athens behind. The move was rough to say the least, especially with 3 kids, no childcare for them, and hardly any help from Big T’s family. My best friend and family helped and I was pretty damn grateful for that. Leaving Athens saddens me to a point that I feel like I am mourning the life I wanted to have there. Athens is so rich in culture and is so unique whereas Gainesville is well in my opinion-normal, ordinary. I know that there was no other way to move forward with our life. It just sucks because in Athens, I felt more like me and not some stereotypical person people think I am when they look at me in Gainesville. I know that most of it is in my head and maybe I’m allowing the ignorant and bad experiences in Gainesville rule over head and my heart at this time.

The kids are finally enrolled in school and had a great first day. D’s bus driver was the same one he had when he went to elementary school here.

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