December Poetry Challenge: The Whisper

This is my response to prompt #6: An important person in your life

A Beautiful Autumn Afternoon in Georgia

I find God everywhere lately
in the autumn wind that blows leaves whimsically
in lyrics that evokes intense emotions in me
in the excitement I feel every morning
in my newfound peace and serenity
God is a whisper always reminding me
life is worth living if I keep trying, if I keep going

Poetry: Maybe One Day

I wrote this in December of 2002 about John. I had figured out that John wasn’t for me but I prayed to God that maybe he was a preview of the love I hoped for.

my truth

Perhaps you’re not the man
God meant to send me
But the fantasy
I’ve always dreamed of
Someone so innocent
And passionate at the same time
So sheltered from the world
But you still contain a fountain of wisdom
Beyond your 23 years
I know already not to make too much of this
I just have one wish
That one day I’ll meet someone
like you again in my future
And he will be the one
Forever meant for me