Me in 2006 when I wrote this poem

I wrote this poem in 2006 about my tumultuous relationship with writing. I love to write and it’s saved me more times than I can count. However, I tend to beat myself up if I’m not writing enough.

Instead of lost tears from eyes that long to spill,

I will spill words on these pages.

Words that make sense, 

Words that don’t make sense, 

That are in fact nonsense

I will let my emotions, the wind 

And my surroundings guide me until 

I fill up these pages full 

Of nonsense, prose,

Poetry, ideas, and everything I can think of

A new phase, 

this new phase will be not only full 

Of promise and potential 

But it will be full

Of what I hope is the inspiration 

That leads me to share my relationship 

To the world. 

This will be my third baby 

That I will nurse and raise until it is 

As beautiful and complete as my 

real life ones. 

This is the promise I make to 

my pathetic little beast.

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